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Snowboarding Skills: The Back-To-Basics Essentials for All Levels
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Snowboarding Skills: The Back-To-Basics Essentials for All Levels

Cindy Kleh

This best-selling guide is ideal for those starting out as well as the more experienced boarders looking to fix a persistent problem or just improve their skills. Along with dozens of color photographs, Snowboarding Skills features:

  • Pro tips from the world's top boarders
  • Action photo sequences with explanatory diagrams
  • Directional arrows showing exactly how and where to turn
  • "Don't" and "do" photo comparisons
  • Troubleshooting sidebars
  • Lessons to improve skills
  • Explanations on understanding snow and weather conditions
  • Safety tips and equipment maintenance
  • Hill etiquette, avoiding injury, and more.

From the basics of standing up and stopping to the challenges of pivoting and jumping, Snowboarding Skills covers everything a boarder needs to know.

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